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Berlitz Method®

Berlitz has always been well known for a lively, interactive approach to language training by adopting the effective Berlitz Method®. Our rich history of teaching language courses to millions of people for 135 years demonstrates that the proven Berlitz Method® is an ideal solution for you.

Classic techniques, current innovations

The world-renowned Berlitz Method® is a conversational teaching style that presents practical vocabulary and grammar in the context of real-life situations. All Berlitz students learn to speak their new language the way they did their first — through natural conversation. The Berlitz Method® remains at the core of our approach, supplemented by materials and techniques that we have developed from over a century of on-going research in improving language instruction. That includes new online programs, which combine the power of leading-edge software design and advanced content that suit the changing global environment we live in.

Four Characteristics of Berlitz Method

Exclusive Use of the Target Language

With the Berlitz Method, all conversation during class takes place in the target language. Whether teaching beginner or advanced levels, our instructors use a conversational approach based on listening and speaking versus rote memorisation to ensure that the target language is spoken right from the beginning without the need of translations.

Active Student Participation

The proper mastery of language involves active and dynamic student participation with maximum speaking time in all stages of instruction. This approach, with positive formulation of correction, generates a relaxing atmosphere, encouraging the confident and frequent use of the new language.

Learning Practical English through Real Conversation

Language is an oral phenomenon; therefore, all teaching and learning is done in an oral context. By totally immersing the student in the new language, we can most closely simulate the real-life situations in which students will be using the language, and eliminate the cumbersome process of introducing a concept first in the student's language and then in the target language.

Grammar as a Means of Communication


The Berlitz Method is based on a "building-block" approach. During the early stages of instruction, primary emphasis is given to establishing basic structures and grammatical points. Each structure is introduced and thoroughly practiced, and serves as a foundation for new information.



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