Parents World July/August 2013, Issue 39

Be Multilingual Today!

Want your kid to pick up another language? Check out these foreign language classes that may just unleash that inner multi-linguist.

Studies have long shown that children are the best and most-receptive learners – and that includes picking up a foreign language. So whether it’s time to pick up a third language or perhaps strengthen the native tongue, these language centres offer conducive environments for that extra language speak. Sign up!

For German… Berlitz

With over 135 years of culture and experience, Berlitz is synonymous to excellence in learning. Berlitz offers a myriad of language courses for every interest, in particular the German language, which cater to different needs and learning styles. The Berlitz Method works by using the same way a child learned their ? rst language; and that is through conversations. There revia price won’t be a need for difficult memorization of vocabulary or bothersome conjugation of verbs as per typical school curriculums.

Students are exposed to only the language in keen from the very ?rst lesson so that it grows to be natural like your second tongue. This method actually allows for students to effortlessly pick up vocabulary and grammar without having for hassling translations.

If anything, Berlitz understands the way kids learn -- that is why their language programs are fun and engaging. Private students are able to learn at a pace and schedule that is best suited for them while group classes share a mutual goal of picking up another language. Apart from German, Berlitz actually offers other languages as well.

(Excerpted from Parents World July/August 2013, Issue 39, Written by Wani Zazhar)