The Cultural Navigator®

The Cultural Navigator® prepares your employees for the global markets.

With the Cultural Navigator®, you will find up-to-the-minute analysis and insight around a wide range of global business and cultural topics designed to improve your global competitive advantage.

The Cultural Navigator is a web-based program that delivers an engaging and powerful learning experience through an innovative platform designed to leverage the diversity of individuals and businesses stakeholders, partners and employees for maximum performance. By analyzing your cultural awareness and characteristics, you will learn about how you will go when working with people from other cultures, the challenges you face and strategies on addressing these to ensure your experience is a success for everyone involved.

The Cultural Navigator can be fully integrated within an organization and personalized for each user. A wealth of relevant business information is available, organized around specific topics to support improved work performance and increased confidence when working across cultures.

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Key Features:

Standard 12-month licence only A$275

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The Cultural Navigator® delivers timely cultural and business intelligence to enable a company to achieve the following goals: