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Berlitz HSC tutoring classes


At Berlitz Australia, we understand that the HSC is a potentially stressful time for both you and your child. Having an accessible and flexible private HSC tutor can help to relieve some of this stress on your family. This is why Berlitz Australia strives to offer the best private HSC tutoring service across a wide range of subjects.

Our team of experienced HSC tutors develop personalised programs tailored to the needs of you and your child. Our tutors understand that each HSC student is unique and requires a tailored combination of learning methods in order to best prepare them for their HSC exams.  Our private HSC tutors are not only there to impart content knowledge, but to understand and support you and your child through the many challenges that they face. We support you and your child in this manner to allow them to concentrate on getting the marks they aspire to achieve.

Our HSC tuition programs are all comprehensively syllabus-oriented, yet maintain a focus on creating independent learners. Students will achieve a detailed understanding of all required content, as well as the study skills they need for effective learning and examination preparation, Above all, they are always reminded to think critically and independently.

Please contact us to enquire about private HSC tutoring for our wide selection of HSC subjects:

  • English Tutoring: Standard, Advanced, English Extension 1, & Extension 2
  • Mathematics Tutoring: General, 2 Unit, Maths Extension 1 (3 Unit), & Extension 2 (4 Unit)
  • Science Tutoring: Physics, Chemistry, & Biology
  • History Tutoring: Ancient History, Modern History, & History Extension
  • HSIE (Social Sciences) Tutoring: Economics, Business Studies, & Legal Studies
  • Languages

We have classes available after schools during the week and Saturday afternoon. This is our pricing and timetable: 

After School $60/class (max. 4 students) 4.30pm-6.30pm; 5.30pm-7pm


2 subjects (2x1.5 hrs sessions)  

$70/class (max. 8 students)  10am-1.30pm; 2pm-5.30pm

At Berlitz Australia, we make sure our HSC Tutors are accessible and flexible to ensure that they can be around when you need them most. This means that our HSC tutors can be available for more frequent and intensive tutoring lessons during peak exam periods for revision, exam preparation, and support.